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Happiness comes out of hard work

2018-12-24     Source: Sinopecnews.com



Yang Ruizhi, Gold Award Winner of the 7th SINOPEC Youth Foreign Language Contest (Photo/Cheng Yang)

中國石化第七屆青年外語風采大賽金獎得主楊睿芝(程陽 攝)


I have a college schoolmate in SINOPEC Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company, and now he is working in Saudi Arabia as a drilling rig manager. I saw him a couple of months ago when he was back on vacation, and he looked much darker. Even though I know he worked in the desert of the Middle East, I was still shocked when he told me the temperature in Saudi Arabia was even close to 60℃. However, he told me the heat and sandstorm do not matter, what matters is that he feels so sorry to his wife and children, because he has to work abroad continuously for 3 months or even longer without a break, which means he can’t be with his family for most of the year. What he said touched me deeply because I totally understood him. My husband used to work in that way on an offshore drilling platform for seven years. I know what it feels like that every time he left home and told me to take care; I know what it feels like that he left in summer but the next time I saw him would be in autumn; I know what it feels like that I had to deal with everything on my own when he was not home. It has been a really tough time, but I have been so supportive of him because I am so proud of what he did. There are millions like him who commit and sacrifice so much to make the oil and gas industry of our country better and stronger. I don’t know how to give an accurate definition of “dedication”, but I know even in the deep night, when we are sleeping peacefully, drilling rigs are running, refinery plants are operating, there are people cleaning streets for us, and there are people protecting us all the time. Maybe that’s why we say, “there is no peace and quiet, nothing but there is someone else shouldering the burden for you.”



And my schoolmate showed me a piece of news on his cellphone, that they had just set a new record: the drilling cycle has been saved 20% by his rig team because of advanced management and technology. He said that “SINOPEC speed” and “China speed” have become popular words in Saudi Arabia. His company will no doubt get more contracts, and that makes him feel that all of their efforts are totally worthy. He looked so honored when he was talking and I was happy for him. Suddenly I deeply understood the meaning of “Happiness comes out of hard work”. Behind all the great achievements that we got, like the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the C919 jumbo jets, the Chinese-built aircraft carrier, we perceive the essence: dedication, devotion, and commitment.



Just like what President Xi Jinping said, “It is the relentless efforts of the Chinese people that have made China what it is today. As long as we remain united, work hard together, nothing can stop us Chinese people from achieving the Chinese dream. ”?? (By Yang Ruizhi)





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